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In the world of business, there is no status quo. If you are not growing over time, you may be going out of business over time. All the buzzwords, globalization, internet proliferation, market expansion, M&A boil down to one thing, opportunities for businesses to grow or to have competitors come take their markets away.

At BPI we focus on leveraging our business development experiences and approaches in an organized way with our customers. So what does business development mean to us? Consistent with our philosophy, our idea is to provide direct results in areas where we have unique and specific skills

International Business Development:

Dealing with everything from cross border optimization, (how to maximize your profit when you have operations in multiple countries), to expanding into new markets, we can help with market analysis to developing specific growth execution plans. Our specialization in the Latin American and Caribbean markets allows us to quickly bring in expert resources that provide local support for US companies going overseas or International companies coming into the US. Not just understanding of local tax implications, licensing or laws, we bring to the table an awareness of the cultural norms that make a business successful in a foreign market.

Sales Optimization:

Whether creating more productivity out of your existing sales team or creating an alternate distribution channel, we have the capabilities to help one plus one equal three for your business. What is the right incentive plan? How do you avoid channel conflict? Can I implement an effective “brick and click” sales strategy? Challenging questions when you are overwhelmed with the day to day operating issues of your company. Our ability to bring strong analytical tools and techniques to these questions, while maintaining high sensitivity to the “soft implications” of how you motivate and grow sales, make us a perfect partner to help you develop a unique strategy and plan of execution for your markets

It’s all about your business objectives. As we work with you to organize your strategies, validate your capability of success and create specific actions to get you there, you will feel comfortable, that an analytical and organized approach to growing your business will ensure your success