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Our Mission is quite simple:  To help you improve the performance of your company!

We accomplish this by leveraging lean six-sigma techniques with our personal line management experiences to help you overcome all the major obstacles preventing you from optimizing your key business processes to stay agile, effective, and efficient.

Our firm can assist you in situations where:

  • Key processes within your business are not clearly defined -- We help you identify and remove bottlenecks, improve process efficiency, saving you time and money.
  • You are mired with papered based processes that lack consistency and traceability.  Helping you reduce costly errors and increase control
  • You have IT systems that are inflexible and no longer fully support your business model
  • You need subject matter expert assistance to help you with modeling the operational process in order to identify key performance metrics (KPI), understand the total cost of operation, and identify  "low hanging fruit" operational improvements.

Our practice is geared towards bringing tools and techniques to help you in your desire to improve the performance of your business.  More importantly, by helping you ensure that your organization can embrace these projects with maximum success potential.  

We start with a free consultation with you in order to gain an understanding of the key business issues you're facing, and to ensure that we are able to address your requirements timely and cost effectively.  We then map out a tailor-made consulting engagement for your approval that includes:

  1. Performing a brief organizational readiness assessment to determine how well positioned you are to implement process improvement techniques in your business.
  2. Next, we utilize the output of the readiness assesment to create specific enablement ramps, getting your organization ready and prepared to leverage process improvement techniques.
  3. Lastly, we lead you down the path of end-to-end process improvement; linking your strategy to your operations.

As a senior executive of your company, all you have to do is provide the leadership!...without that, nothing will succeed!

What are you waiting for?  Contact us to request a free consultation

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